Happy Soo-kwang XD

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"I sleep in a bathtub, not on the bed, and my mum sleeps in the cold and open-windowed living room all year. And about my brother staying the jail for 14 years, I don’t have the courage to tell these to any other woman except you. Even after seeing and hearing all that about me, do you think there’s any other woman out there who can calmly just listen to all that, like you? I don’t think there are any. Hae-soo, if there’s another woman like that, please tell me, so I won’t hang onto you so much."

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bartenderchul ft. sad sheriff siwon

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*reply 1997 goat sound*

1995.09.01 - 2014.09.01 || Kim Jongkook’s 19th debut anniversary

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The Little Mermaid was about to disappear, and at that moment the prince realized the truth and said to the princess, ‘Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?’  and broke off the engagement. He ran to the Little Mermaid, but she’d noticed the water bubbles and developed an air-bubble washing machine and became a chaebol. Meanwhile, the prince went broke with a bad investment and became the Little Mermaid’s Secretary Kim, and together they lived a long, long, really long life.

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